Oracle 12.1.0. OS Solaris 5.10 requirements

Srinivas Maddali

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On Solaris 10

  1. User limits to create oracle basic shell
  2. Kernel parameter
  3. TCP parameters
  4. Required packages
  5. Some clarifications

Please note that “project.max-shm-memory” represent the maximum shared memory available for a project, so the value for this parameter should be greater than sum of all SGA sizes.


This meant for single Oracle Home supporting multiple databases. Example as idev-db-sca01, dev-db-sca02 and qa-fred-db01. We used to have similar situation until recently in stage and prod as one oracle user has multiple oracle homes and the relation there was home to instance was 1 to 1 while Oracle is one user to own all instances. Here also the same situation and the above statement is valid as at OS we define only one project as user to project is 1:1.


Software Requirements

Oracle Solaris 10 Update 10 (Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b) or later.

Update level can be checked from “/etc/release” file and verified thru below command.

#/usr/bin/pkginfo -l SUNWsolnm

Applying a kernel patch or a Solaris patch bundle is not the equivalent to installing the specific Solaris 10 “update 10” image.

Oracle Database 12.1 software is only certified for a base install image of Solaris 10 update 10 or greater.

Package Requirement

* The following packages (or later versions) must be installed:

SUNWi1cs (ISO8859-1)
SUNWi15cs (ISO8859-15)

Programming Environments Support Requirements
Java Database Connectivity JDK 6 (Java SE Development Kit release 1.6.0_20) with the JNDI extension withOracle Java Database Connectivity.

Supported on Solaris 11: JDK 7 (Java SE Development Kit release 1.7.0)

Supported on Solaris 10: JDK 7 (Java SE Development Kit release 1.5.0_24)

JDK 1.6 is installed with this release.

Oracle Call Interface (OCI) JDK 6 (Java SE Development Kit release 1.6.0_20) with the JNDI extension, andOracle Call Interface drivers. JDK 1.6 is installed with this release.
Oracle C++
Oracle C++ Call Interface
Oracle XML Developer’s Kit (XDK)
Oracle Solaris Studio 12 (formerly Sun Studio) September 2007Release.

Additional patches may be needed depending on applications you


Download Oracle Solaris Studio from here.

Pro*COBOL Micro Focus Server Express 5.1
Pro*FORTRAN Oracle Solaris Studio 12 (Fortran 95)

You may also require additional font packages for Java, depending on your locale.
Click here for more information.

Packages can be checked as:

%/bin/pkginfo -iSUNWarcSUNWbtoolSUNWcslSUNWdtrc SUNWhea SUNWi15cs SUNWi1cs SUNWi1of SUNWlibCSUNWlibmSUNWlibmsSUNWsprotSUNWtooSUNWxwfnt

Requirements for Programming Environments for Oracle Solaris

Additional Requirements

Additionally, the following installation pre-requisites must be met if the specific Oracle product listed is being installed:

Oracle JDBC/OCI Drivers:

JDK 6 Update 10 (Java SE Development Kit 1.6 u10) or JDK 5 (1.5.0_16) with the JNDI extension with the Oracle Java Database Connectivity and Oracle Call Interface drivers.
However, these are not mandatory for the database installation. Please note that JDK 1.5.0 is installed with this release.

Oracle Messaging Gateway:

IBM MQSeries V6.0, client and server
Tibco Rendezvous 7.2

OS Environment

Kernel parameters

Solaris 10 uses the resource control facility to implement the System V IPC.
However, Oracle recommends that you set both resource control and /etc/system/ parameters.
Operating system parameters not replaced by resource controls continue to affect performance and security on Solaris 10 systems.

Resource Control Minimum Value
project.max-sem-ids 256
process.max-sem-nsems 256
project.max-shm-memory This value varies according to the RAM size
project.max-shm-ids 256
tcp_smallest_anon_port 9000
tcp_largest_anon_port 65500
udp_smallest_anon_port 9000
udp_largest_anon_port 65500

Please note that “project.max-shm-memory” represent the maximum shared memory available for a project, so the value for this parameter should be greater than sum of all SGA sizes.

Please refer to the following document for checking/setting kernel parameter values using resource control:

Note 429191.1  Kernel setup for Solaris 10 using project files.

Mount options

Checking Shared Memory File System Mount
Ensure that the /dev/shm mount area is of type tmpfs and is mounted with the following options:

■Withrw and execute permissions set on it
■ With noexec or nosuid not set on it


The ‘umask’ setting for the “oracle” user has to be 022.


Hostname command should return the fully qualified hostname as shown below:

# hostname

Shell Limits

Oracle recommends that you set shell limits and system configuration parameters as documented below:

Note: The shell limit values in this section are minimum values only.
For production database systems, Oracle recommends that you tune these values to optimize the performance of the system.
See your operating system documentation for more information on configuring shell limits.

Shell Limit Soft Limit (KB) Hard Limit (KB)
STACK at most 10240 at most 32768
NOFILES at least 1024 at least 65536
MAXUPRC or MAXPROC at least 2047 at least 16384

To display the current value specified for these shell limits enter the following commands:

# ulimit -t
# ulimit -f
# ulimit -d
# ulimit -s
# ulimit -n
# ulimit -v