Oracle SW installation

Installing the Oracle Database Software on the Destination Host

When the source and destination host are different, you must install the Oracle Database software on the destination host, so that the auxiliary instance can be created.


Ensure that you install the same release of Oracle Database software, with the same patch level, on both the source and destination host.

Use one of the following techniques to install the software:

a. Perform a normal installation with Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).

Install an Oracle Database whose release number is the same as that of the source database. Do not create a database; install the software only. Apply any required patches.

b. Clone the source Oracle home.

Take a tardump (on unix platforms) of the source database binaries and use OUI to clone the source Oracle home. This ensures that all patches applied to the source database are present in the duplicate database using the following command (all groups oracle owner can be as the environment thinks fit or conventional)

$ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl $ORACLE_HOME/clone/bin/ ORACLE_BASE="target_oracle_base" ORACLE_HOME="target_oracle_home" OSDBA_GROUP=OSDBA_privileged_group OSOPER_GROUP=OSOPER_privileged_group OSBACKUPDBA_GROUP=OSBACKUPDBA_privileged_group OSDGDBA_GROUP=OSDGDBA_privileged_group OSKMDBA_GROUP=OSKMDBA_privileged_group OSRACDBA_GROUP=OSRACDBA_privileged_group -defaultHomeName

c. Use the following commands (for the unix platforms) to run Net Configuration Assistant to configure the connection information for the new database:

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 
$ ./netca