Srinivas Maddali
The web site contains:
  1. The information was published by Oracle, Microsoft, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, and others for the user community.
  2. I also used the documents available on the internet for public consumption.
  3. I might have downloaded papers and books from the internet after signing in as a user.
  4. I collected from various great contributors for Oracle, MS SQL Server knowledge those authors shared.
  5. Many internals for various products that I read and collected are also shared by me.
  6. I also shared my own experiences.
  7. If I missed some, I acknowledge all those from those authors.
  8. This site is intended not for making money but for sharing knowledge.

Thanks to all those who shared their knowledge on the internet which united all the users of the knowledge but spread over various sites. I collected all that information and shared it at one site. So that users need not search all over the internet.