Cassandra is a NoSQL distributed database. By design, NoSQL databases are lightweight, open-source, non-relational, and largely distributed. Counted among their strengths are horizontal scalability, distributed architectures, and a flexible approach to schema definition.

Cassandra is a non-relational, partitioned row store.

 Rows are organized into column families (tables) with a required primary key

Data is distributed across multiple master-less, nodes in an application-transparent manner.

DataStax oversees the development of the Apache Cassandra open-source project, provides support to companies using Cassandra, and provides an enterprise-ready version of Cassandra.

What is Cassandra and how does it work?

Cassandra is a peer-to-peer distributed system made up of a cluster of nodes in which any node can accept a read or write request. Similar to Amazon's Dynamo DB, every node in the cluster communicates state information about itself and other nodes using the peer-to-peer gossip communication protocol.


? What is Cassandra?
? Installation, CQL3
? Data Modelling
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